About Hans Innemée

A chicken is looking at a boiled egg: what happened there? Ah! A human being has interfered.

For billions of years our planet has been evolving without us. How could we possibly think we were the cherry on the cake? Thinking we are entitled to take decisions for anything else living and growing on our planet is just nonsense to me. The one species able to impose this sense of superiority will be the one to destroy its own kind. Just to be clear: we are all in this together.

The chicken is the anti-hero: he is not an activist, neither a hero nor dramatic; he just looks around and puts question marks.

Hans Innemée working

My works are about self-irony and putting things into perspective. It is a positive message I am trying to get across: if something is nothing special at all it is already wonderful. Altogether, nobody asked us if we wanted to be here; let’s make the best out of it.

Hans Innemée (1951, the Netherlands) is a Dutch visual artist, sculptor, illustrator and musician, based in the Netherlands. His works are exhibited both in the Netherlands and internationally, with exhibitions in Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Barcelona, Paris, Ravenna, Tokyo, Kyoto, Matsuyama, Sapporo, Osaka, and many more.

Hans Innemée working